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Our price for EPC start from £65 (no vat) as comparing to local estate agents starting from of £85 plus VAT.

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Energy Performance Certificate – EPC 

Energy Performance Certificate were introduced in 2007 in England and Wales, before it was a part of the Home Information Packs (HIP’s) for domestic properties.

However according to england & wales law, all buildings that have been newly built requires SAP EPC, those which are being sold or are being rented out need an EPC certificate and it is valid for ten years. It also illustrate a good idea of how much expense you’ll have to bear in terms of your gas and electricity bills. Furthermore it also presented the energy efficiency of the property on a scale of A to G. The band A is given to the most efficient properties while G is reserved for the least efficient.

EPC Certificate

Smart Property Service offers the Domestic EPC Certificate, Commercial EPC Certificate and SAP EPC Certificate survey which is performed by an qualified energy assessor who examines the various things such as Loft insulation, Wall insulation, Boiler, Central heating, floor insulation and windows. The observations are fed into RDSAP software which calculates the energy efficiency. The Energy Performance Certificate EPC in Hemel Hempstead takes approx 30-40 minutes depend on property size.

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We are ECMK & Stroma accreditation members and providing an EPC services to Estate Agents & Landlords. Our mission is simple – to provide our clients FAST, EFFICIENT, PROFESSIONAL and FRIENDLY services.

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Whether you are a Estate Agents, Landlords or a Commercial Property Owner, we offer a speedy and cost effective way of obtaining your EPC 24 Hours.

Domestic EPC Certificate Prices

1 Bed Flat & House From £65.00

2 Bed Flat & House From £65.00

3 Bed Flat & House From £65.00

4 Bed Flat & House From £75.00

5 Bed Flat & House From £75.00

Commercial EPC Certificate Prices

Commercial EPC up to 1000 sqft From £225.00

Commercial EPC up to 1500 sqft From £250.00

Commercial EPC up to 2000 sqft From £300.00

Commercial EPC up to 2500 sqft From £350.00

Commercial EPC up to 4000 sqft From £400.00

By using our services you could save an average of £30 – £100 when compared to booking an EPC certificate through your local Estate Agent. Make sure you get a fair deal !

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